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So this is real life…

So let’s go over how RIDICULOUSLY my life has changed in the past 15 days:

Finished finals and ended my third year at the university.

Then I went to a quadrillion hours of trainings…

I then promptly moved up to Massachusetts to be with the “THE MAN” and we promptly became engaged people. You know… the kind that get married.

In the midst of this new wedding planning, I interviewed for an awesome job. And I got it.

And now here I am… leaving with said fiancĂ©, therefore getting married, making awesome money at an awesome summer job, and paying things like RENT and GROCERIES. The end result = HOLY SHIT I AM AN ADULT.

Here’s to hoping the man and I get this right.

The point of this blog is to share all of my adventures in adulthood from here on out. Hope you enjoy it.


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