Marriage’s Little Lessons

HEY GUESS WHAT! The Man and I got hitched. Our weekiversary (yeah I know… that’s gotta stop) was yesterday, so we’re officially  married enough to scoff and look down upon anyone who isn’t.

That’s how that works, right?

Well, regardless, I’ve learned a lot. The first of which is that everything to do with marriage should be phrased as either a cheezy greeting card or a fortune cookie. There is no exception to this rule. You get bonus points if it rhymes.

  • When life hands you an unfurnished apartment, you really only need a chair. The uncivilized world sits upon the floor willy nilly with no back support-ment. Once you manage to procure a table and two chairs, feel free to sit back in contentment.

  • A broken air conditioner does not create a healthy bond – it actually induces murderous rage. Spousal combat may be desired but it is wise to abscond.

(Okay I’m giving up on the rhyming. The Man is the Poet…not me)

  • An apartment is officially home the moment you hang the baby animals calendar.

  • Rejoice in the fact that life handed you shelter, employment, and the ability to barrel roll directly from your mattress to the floor with no constraint of a bed frame.

KNOW: My friend Ginger Sass posted a lovely thing about our wedding that you might be interested in reading. Also note that The Man and I are scheduled to guest post, which should be a different kind of fun! (I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to hold back from throwing in a few stick figures, though.)



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3 responses to “Marriage’s Little Lessons

  1. Caleb Boone

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Marriage is like a wonderful good night’s sleep.

    So needed and such a blessing.

    Sincerely yours,
    Caleb Boone.

  2. amyelsie

    Haha! Love your writing, I just stumbled upon your blog today, It’s brilliant 🙂

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