The Real Vows

The Man and I are about to get married in a few weeks, so we are crazy people. One second we love life, the next we are freaking out. We freak out about the little things like the potential catastrophe within the reception venue or whether or not we picked the right colors. I have had to refrain from color-coding and spreadsheeting everyone’s lives to death. I’ve also found that I have a tendency to insist on DIY projects every step of the way through stress.

I chose to attempt knitting again, which is turning out to be a disaster. I’m claiming to be a master and will create the cake topper with my own hands. I also spent two hours painstakingly assembling favors the other night to the tune of every Bruno Mars song imaginable. Some may say this is a coping mechanism for a territorial, OCD person. Some may say I have been reduced to a quivering mess. I, however, call it genius.

I would be wrong not to include that there is a very real freak out, too. We’re making some big promises to one another. To love and to cherish from this day forth…. Richer or Poorer (I’m a Linguist, The Man is a Poet. You decide.)… in sickness and in health…

It will be a big moment.

And being the romantic I am I suggested we write our vows. The Man insisted we also recite the traditional vows, since he was worried about it “counting.” So we will really really be married after two sets of vows…

Now when I sat down to write my vows, I initially wrote some pretty thoughtful things. Then I sat down and wrote what I like to call “the real vows.” Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what marriage is really about…

I promise to you to always yield my Interlibrary Loan Privileges upon your request.

I vow to use your kindle daily until  you buy me my own.

I promise to love you for your proofreading skills  until the end of my PhD…or my life, whichever comes first.

I also love how you fix the blankets that I inevitably mess up within two seconds of entering the bed.

…I love you, and I will always love you as long as we both shall live and longer.



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2 responses to “The Real Vows

  1. D’awwwwws! This was so sweet! ❤

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