Demonic Possession

Betsy was a babydoll The Mom had when she was young and passed on to me. She was the size of a toddler and had a big head of bright red hair. Honestly, she looked exactly like Chucky. Her gifting to me was poorly timed with the release of the first film. As I was not permitted to view the film, I lived on in ignorance. She was one of my favorite toys, and I took her everywhere throughout the house.

One night we were in the bathtub playing through another emergency scuba dive scenario. For me a bath was not a necessity but a joy. I took nearly every submersible toy in with me and orchestrated entire universes during the hour I was permitted to soak. (I still do this… it just involves romance novels) This night, though, Betsy began to look a little off. I got really close to her face to ask her what was wrong, and these furry worms began spewing from her mouth. One after another after another.

I called for The Dad because he would obviously know what was wrong with Betsy. Maybe she needed one of those pills that they kept around for when I got sick. I have never seen The Dad move so fast, even now after all these years. I was ripped out of that tub, and The Mom was called in. The Dad yelled something about demon possession, and The Mom remained unmoved.Finally after a pause she said one word in response.

Note that I’m still convinced my childhood toys took on living, breathing existences once my bedroom door closed. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are full of lies. Anyway I didn’t want my toys to feel left out – especially Betsy- while they needed to put on the show of lifelessness during the day. I decided to treat them just like anyone else.

Betsy took baths with me, watched TV with me, held incredibly long conversations with me, and yes – she even ate with me. She had a particular fondness for those crunchy chinese noodles people put in casseroles and salads. I knew this because they fit perfectly into the hole strategically placed in her mouth for what I assume used to have a paired baby bottle with it. She never got full, and we would continue to snack on the noodles through the latest episode of Lambchop.

Turns out when you add water and wait… those chinese noodles turn into furry worms!




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3 responses to “Demonic Possession

  1. …You just scarred me for life. 😦

  2. Dear Pleonastic, The Subject of Demonic Possession, or any of the stages that lead up to it is nothing to joke about. What was it your Father said about Possession? and what does all of this have to do with Chucky. In-animate objects dont become possessed. They may be used by the demonic only

  3. Lori

    Very cute story.

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