There are many ways to know summer is right around the corner. One can finish final exams or one can buy some cute shoes. The real deciding factor is when it makes sense to bring back the beloved fla-vor-ice popsicles, though. I have an undying love for those things. You may believe that fla-vor-ice popsicles are just that – a child’s beloved popsicle treat of cool happiness, but they are so much more practical than that. They can be…

1. a Splint for your Wounds
(If you get hurt they are there to heal your wounds and/or split nasty breaks.)

2. an Air Conditioning Unit
(If you cannot afford a home with air conditioning – just turn to popsicles!)

3. a Dueling Object

If you are bored with your friend you can instigate a duel! And now you have a colorful sword!

and finally….

4. a Locating Device

In case you find yourself in a crowd, simply hold up your fla-vor-ice. Your friend will find you!

These flavored, arctic snacks clearly hold the answers to all of life’s problems. (I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty darned excited about summer.)


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