Putting Down Roots

So I do the moving thing multiple times a year due to my social status as an academic nomad. New Jersey is once again my semi-permanent home for approximately 10 months.

Each time I move, I am forced to move in stages – whether that be because of training for my new internship or position as an acrobatic pole thrower or just because I am not allowed to move into my space QUITE yet. This time was no different.

I first dumped off all my belongings in my final destination and then packed a bag to go to ANOTHER room, just to come back to the first room at all hours to be working right outside of it. I was like a moth to the flame, and in this case I would have been that moth that stupidly flies right into it and dies.

After a few days of this torture, I am now in my very real room, and it looks like the unpacking monster took a bite out of logic and plopped down refusing to move. I swear unpacking is just making a bigger and bigger mess of things for the majority of the process.

There is ONE way I know that I have officially set down roots, though.

Yep. Once the whiteboard goes on the wall, I know I am officially in the space.

So now that is done, I will continue in my acrobatic pole throwing ways for the next 10 months.

(Regular posts should resume soon. I just have to defeat the unpacking monster.)


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