The Devil’s Hour

I have decided all hours of day have personalities, for you see all the hours of the day in different stages of happiness and awakeness.

But I tell you… no matter how you look at it, 4AM is the Devil’s Hour. I swear you can see it from both sides and you will still look like this:

So a few years ago I was what is known as a “freshman university student” – yes we all know these students as spectacles of hilarity and confusion, but like many of you I was once one of those whacky children, as well.

As I prowled the land of the university attempting to look anything but lost and always hot and ready to meet a man, I heard a legend. I remember busting into my room to exclaim to my unsuspecting roommate about the rumored “all-nighter.” Could this really happen? Could people really do that?

Then I began to realize the fear…. WHY would people have to do that?

I soon found out what real work was like when all 5 professors looked at me as if they were the only homework-assigners in the world. They say – “homework for tomorrow???…”

And I made my decision… I would pull this blessed “all-nighter.”

I whizzed by 11PM knowing that it would be a long night. I had even equipped myself with our tiny coffee maker, and I was set.

and then BAM!

Yep… 4AM is just a ridiculous wall of wounded nature and nastiness no matter what.

Now let’s think about 4AM from the OTHER way. Unfortunately I experienced that just last week getting ready for a red-eye flight back to The Man from The Parents.

Just a few days prior on my way to The Parents I woke up at 5AM. No problem.

Waking up at 4?

I rest my case.


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