The Hiccups

Considering the holiday this weekend and all, I found it fitting to write a tribute to my father.

He gave me his nose. His face. His dry sense of humor.

And! He gave me his hideous hiccups.

No joke. My hiccups may sound like a baby, fragile prehistoric bird next to his papa prehistoric bird shrieks -but they are shrieks nonetheless. For me – getting the hiccups is a dramatic process.

I’m just sitting there and BAM – transformation into my bird self. I then have no choice but to attempt and fail at ALL old wives’ tales of how to rid oneself of the dreaded “hiccoughs.” (I have always wondered who those wives were and why they had so much freakin’ time… NOT THE POINT) Anyway it looks something like this.

So the other day whilst driving home from purchasing an oven that function on microwaves with The Man, I began to shriek in my baby-bird shrieks and panicked.

Would The Man still love me if he knew I was part-prehistoric bird????

His reaction said everything:

An hour of drinking water, holding my breath, and taking down a few gulps of peanut butter… and I was cured!

Anyway – that’s a part of me! And I have my dad to thank. 🙂

Hope you have a Happy Fathers’ Day!



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3 responses to “The Hiccups

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  2. jasmine

    i have the exact same problem, my friends say i sound like a pterodactyl !!! Its even worse though, i have chronic hiccups… they never go away !!! they are quite spaced out but i will have around 10-30 a day 😦 they hurt as well !!! xxx

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