This is my cat.

Sylvia is a HUGE cat – in that bulky body builder sort of way – not the fat way. She is quite intimidating, known to have forced large labradors to cower in corners.

Yet she has a weakness – storms.

At the first sign of a storm she becomes a blubbering, mewing mess of a feline that refuses to be comforted but wants all to know of her discomfort.

She resorts to getting as flat and low as possible on the ground, and she must do this in your company – why die alone? I then get down low with her and cower in empathy.

I’m good like that.

And here’s the secret: with or without the cat… I still cower. I know – I know – I appear so great and strong. In fact, I am not brave. The cat has always been my guise.

There have been a lot of storms lately. Not cute summer storms – no – like SMITE THEE WITH THIS WRATH OF THE GODS kind of storms.

Just last week I was putzing around the apartment (Sylvia now lives with my parents, mind you), and 3pm began to look more like 2am. The world went dark! Completely dark. I froze.

From there the winds started picking up, and the windows began to whistle…….and The Man was still at work. I was all alone.

And then I sprung into action – an action trained only by a childhood in the land of tornadoes.

Then all hell hit. The thunder rolled in, the lightening cracked, and I was fairly certain my time had come to die a horrible death! And worse… the internet went down.

The internet thing! My distraction! My love! My friend…

I really was….. all…. alone.

In the end I survived. I know you were worried.

And yes The Man discovered I am actually quite the pansy when it comes to a bit of lightning and thunder, but you know what?

We have plans to get a cat next year.

Let it begin again!


Greetings from the great state of Indiana, btw! 


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