Meta-Blog (and news!)

A little less than two weeks ago I went on a creative rampage. I do this from time to time (the summery times) in rebellion of all researchy scholarly happenings.

I updated The Scarlet Sound. I created new elements to publication. I even chatted up a few of my artists for the thing.

With all this newfound time I moved, I organized things, I even started to cook half-way decently!

I also decided to write more – hence “mypleonasticlife.”

So yeah – the grand open community of the internet voiced a response to these ridiculous ramblings, which I did not expect at all.

Which then led to…

It always takes a while for reality to set in for me. I am a go-go-go-never-stop kind of person.

For instance – –

In my senior year in high school I decided that I needed to do everything that I had not done in my previous three years. I tried marching band, the fall play, the spring musical, black box theater, a few classes that I otherwise would have said “BAH no” to earlier.

I also recruited, by the cloak of darkness, a coach in order to learn how to spin a guard rifle because I decided that my high school’s color guard seemed like a “fun hobby.” A lover of surprise and awe – I aimed for a secret education in rifle and flag spinning and then a final woo of the judges at the tryouts. This only stopped when my mother admitted that I might be slightly insane and made me stay home. (Who knows… I could have been amazing!!!!)

This also continued in college.

I do believe I attempted every single major the University offered to its students. Like really… I’m certain I have half a minor in underwater basket weaving. That’s BESIDE THE POINT! (but you know if you ask me… I could probably tell you the process of a “twill weave” in Cusqueñan Quechua — and you know that’s important knowledge!)

…In order to shed some light on how “mypleonasticlife” comes to be let me illustrate the process for you:

My point is these freakin’ things take FOREVER (basically eternity – you know… 5 hours or so), and believe it or not I am a working woman. (See the above nature of doing everything)

So in order to stay sane and happy and still entertain you with my faults, memories, and happy-wow times… a CHANGE!

mypleonasticlife shall now update once a week at an entirely arbitrary day and time:

Tuesdays at 9:17PM.

Weeellll maybe a few exceptions for holidays and ridiculously happy moments, but at least you know when you count on a post!

So here’s to more fun! And to scheduled fun!


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  1. Amy

    Love it Sweetie!!!!

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