Showered in Brilliance?

Everyone has their place where their best thinking occurs. These are the places where great ideas happen. Where revelations occur. Where global movements begin!

There are quite noble places for these things to happen.

While driving.

While walking.

While discussing things with a close friend.

I have these moments in the shower. Yes – THIS is the place where I have all my bright moments. (warning: this causes a lot of questions as to whether or not one has washed hair already or not. I run out of shampoo rather quickly in streaks of brilliance.)

Anyway I had one of those moments today while washing my hair (for the first time).

My grand thought? Wedding Planning is really Modern Day Slave Trade.


The Man and I have been engaged (horrible pun intended) in wedding plans for a little less than a month now, and themes are already coming up.

Common Utterances:

“That really costs that much???”

“But I don’t even like that person!”

“I thought this day was supposed to be about us…”

Little did we know that engagement meant entering into an experience that was not about us at all but everybody else. In fact! By even beginning to compile a guest list for the occasion we traveled through time… to a land of social cast — and slave trading.

EACH person sits in a venue, sits in a reception, insists on eating receptiony food, and even has the nerve to drink receptiony drinks. Yep. Each person has a price over their head.

Now that would be all be unfortunate, BUT the couple of the day are judged. All the time. Judged by their decisions. Judged by how the day looks. But most of all — judged by how many people they can afford to buy for the day.

So now all these wedding guests are like modern day slaves – no wages – just paying for them to take up space and eat all this expensive food all in the name of social cast and acceptance.

Yeah… I just went there.

Now here’s the deal. The Man and I vow today to usher in a GREAT EMANCIPATION!

We shall get the tiniest venue possible and invite only a few people! Less wedding slaves!

🙂 Isn’t this the kind of thing you think about while in the shower?



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3 responses to “Showered in Brilliance?

  1. This is brilliant. It’s sad that weddings have become a symbol of social stature and importance rather than being about celebrating two people who love each other enough to make a formal commitment in front of the people they care about. More power to you guys! 🙂 (and…looking forward to your big day! lol)

  2. I saw your link on Hyperbole’s FB page. Love it! But don’t even pun the word engagement again. Oh, and follow my blog!

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