James Bond

Fact: My father and I are essentially the same person – if he would to be less male and less bearded we would be identical – both physically and otherwise. This becomes very noticeable when we are left alone for any length of time.


Once upon a time….

I was quite young, and my mother left for a trip to see her dear friend in a very exotic place – a land where I believed dreams came true – a land of Mickey and Minnie – the state of California.

This left my father and I ample time to become ridiculous.

My mother lives to decorate. She decorates indoors – outdoors – places in the house I did not even know exists. She especially loves to decorate our porch. At this point in time she had a “bug theme” – yes we theme everything in our house.

She had left out small clay candle holders that were intended to go outside. They were shaped like small brown, paper bags with the shapes of bugs cut out of the front. Way cute if homes to candles and outdoors, but they were just sitting inside on our dining room table at this point.

The dining room table – the home to many a game of Yahtzee, Canasta, Rummy, and Scrabble.

If you were to ever wonder where I got my love for language I would be lying if I did not say Dad. We had words of the day, some of which he made a point to use in work memos with complete strangers – some we just got to giggle about. We had favorite curse words, favorite big words, and just plain favorite words. If you were to give me time… I would give you the history of Scrabble. Believe me. I have a book. 🙂

Anyway while Mom was away we decided to play our favorite game of Scrabble, and I was yet again forced to take score since I suck at all math-like activity. Whilst taking score I accidentally bumped into one of the buggy pots with the pen – and BEHOLD. a very unique tone. YES A TONE. And being the musicians we are… we couldn’t help but play with our newfound instruments.

Aaaaand that’s where mother comes back into the picture. By the time she came home we were waiting enthusiastically by the door in order to usher her into  the dining room. We had a show for her.

With furrowed and a slightly-worried-about-the-sanity-of-her-family look she watched as her husband and her daughter excitedly played the entirety of the James Bond theme using pens and the clay-buggy-pots.

I mean. Really. What other song would you figure out how to play first?

**And if you wondered… the buggy pots ended up on the porch even after we begged her to leave our toys inside. And yes… the porch looked lovely.**



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2 responses to “James Bond

  1. This is the cutest. Your family sounds like bundles of fun.

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