I recently got a new key, and it makes the car go forwards and backwards.

It’s quite the powerful key.

Anyway, I have noticed a pattern in my reaction to this key.

I drive along in the car belting out Herman’s Hermits or whatever else is playing on the 2 radio stations this not-as-tiny-as-the-last-town tiny town…

…and panic sets in.


The world begins to make less sense without something so normal in my hand. To continue this break down to hysteria, I begin to grapple for anything familiar. My wallet.

Now here’s the actual situation:

Are you seeing where I am going here? Without someone else in the car to point out that I am simply daft, this downward spiral into self-pitying, straight-jacket-worthy insanity has nothing to do but escalate until FINALLY a moment occurs that I check the ignition.

Then this happens:

And don’t even get me started on where my cell phone goes off to while I am talking to someone on the phone.


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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahauahahaha. This is phenomenal. I just adore you.

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